Financial Resilience for Social Justice

Our Story

At Spring Forward, we believe that civil society organizations are critical in achieving a socially and environmentally just world. A key accelerator and inhibitor is the financing of this work.

We asked ourselves the question, “What if leaders for justice were to bring the same level of innovation, passion and resilience to their financing needs as they bring to their programming?”

We take participants on a journey of transformation, of hearts and minds, actions, relationships and systems. They come out of the program with a ‘new normal’ and the tools they need to sustain progress and build more resilient organizations.

Our team of global associates and coaches is always looking to collaborate, learn and adapt. By bringing more financial resilience to the work of frontline leaders for justice and rights, we can get to a just future faster. That is why we do what we do.

How We Began

Spring Forward was launched in 2012. Originally known as the Financial Sustainability Program (FSP), it was piloted with seven Kenyan-based civil society organizations (CSOs). Two years later, an additional 45 CSOs based in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania completed the program. Also, in 2014, the program was launched in India and with human rights organizations globally, and a further 23 CSOs graduated from the program in 2016. This initial phase involved close collaboration with the Ford Foundation to work with their grantees.

Spring Forward has worked with over a 100 CSOs in Argentina, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Colombia, India, Indonesia, Kenya, the Netherlands, South Africa, Tanzania, Thailand, Uganda and the United States.

The program is grounded in a process of collaboration and networking, between individuals, organizations and movements. The program organically builds as more individuals and organisations feed into it.


Our Approach



the challenges of a volatile funding environment. It is those who are proactive, creative and able to bounce back who will thrive.


Customize and Calibrate

to build on the unique strengths and potential of both individuals and organizations at any given stage of development.



a connection between the content and financing of the work. Frontline leaders develop a seamless understanding of the interface between program, resource mobilization and strategic finance.


Collaborate and Network

between individuals, organizations and movements, as part of a larger ecosystem of interdependent relationships.



hearts and minds, actions, relationships and systems. Participants and organizations develop a ‘new normal’ and the tools to sustain it.


Sustain Momentum

of participants through peer support, ongoing coaching and accompaniment, continuing education through online seminars, and participation in a community of practice.