Financial Resilience for Social Justice

Spring Forward Programs

Spring Forward is a ground-breaking program and a global community of practice that builds financial resilience for social and environmental justice. It develops the essential competencies that enable leaders to reset their organizations and movements on a path to greater impact. We offer the following programs:

The cohort program brings together leaders of different organizations for an eight-month long process of learning and working together. Each participating organization is represented by ‘the pivot team,’ namely the Executive Director, the most senior Finance person and the most senior Resource Mobilization person. The program is supported by a team of Spring Forward associates. This certification program includes: 

  • An organizational-level assessment
  • A four-day intensive training in which 8-10 different organizations participate
  • A personalized road map for implementation of new organizational practices
  • Peer learning and collaboration
  • Customized coaching and accompaniment support from Spring Forward
  • Measuring and analysis of results

This program is ideal for funders who want to accelerate the financial resilience and impact of their grantee partners.

The three-day intensives are for executive directors, and those leading in areas of finance, resource mobilization and strategic communications. They offer the fundamentals of financial resilience and supports participants in developing a customized action plan.  Stay tuned for information about upcoming Intensives.

Spring Forward works closely with an organization to address their specific challenges.Support is customized to the specific needs of an organization and consists of an assessment, an in-house intensive with staff and board, and results in an action plan. This program also includes Spring Forward accompaniment support, post intensive.

Spring Forward offers online seminars for program graduates and participants. These seminars are lively encounters that provide a refresh, a rethink or a deeper dive into financial resilience related topics.

Executive coaching starts with the client's specific challenges, develops concrete and mutually agreed-upon goals and ends with the client reaching - and maybe exceeding - those goals. Executive coaching is offered to social and environmental justice leaders, both individuals and teams.

We are dynamic and inspirational speakers and happy to join your conference or organization for a transformative conversation on mission-aligned financing.