Financial Resilience for Social Justice

Financial Resilience Intensive, Amsterdam, 2017

The Lloyd Hotel and Cultural Embassy

October 23, 24 and 25, 2017


Ellen Sprenger, Elizabeth Seja Min and Dale Needles

Tuition Fee USD 2500


Organizations promoting rights and justice face a volatile and rapidly changing funding landscape, and leaders in these organizations need the tools and support to meet these challenges.

Are you a leader for rights and justice?

If so, Spring Forward asks: What if you and your team could grow your ability to raise mission aligned funding? The intensive offers the fundamentals of financial resilience and supports you in developing customized plans for greater financial strength, influence and impact. This highly LloydHotel.jpgcustomized Intensive is for Executive Directors and those leading in areas of resource  development, external communications and finance. In addition to a 3-day Intensive the program includes accompaniment post-Intensive in the form of coaching sessions. For testimonials click here.


To introduce leaders and teams to the principles and tools of financial resilience and identify ways of addressing specific challenges.




Background and unique aspects
Spring Forward was launched in 2012 and since then has supported over 100 civil society organizations in over 15 countries in building greater financial resilience and strength. An evaluation of the program in 2015 showed that about 90% of organizations have come out of Spring Forward stronger. At Spring Forward, we are committed to supporting frontrunners for rights and justice to become more financially resilient, and therefore more effective in terms of influence and impact. Click here for more information about Spring Forward.

The unique aspects of this program include working at the intersections of strategic finance, resource development and external communications, an approach to human and organizational transformation that is grounded in neuroscience and integral theory, and a team of three facilitators who themselves have been in the trenches and bring a wealth of experience to the table. The program has proven to motivate and spark real change.


  • Gain a new way of thinking as well as a new toolbox on strategic finance, resource development and strategic communications, which you can apply to your work immediately.
  • Emerge from the intensive with a customized action plan.
  • Grow your network! Access a vibrant, global community of practice on financial resilience for rights and justice that includes colleagues from Argentina, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Colombia, India, Indonesia, Kenya, The Netherlands, South Africa, Tanzania, Thailand, Uganda and the United States.


As a result of the Spring Forward Intensive, you will be able to:

  • Respond proactively to changes in the national and international funding landscape.
  • Apply a budgeting strategy that projects and captures income, costs and recovery of costs.
  • Understand key financial health indicators presented in the form of a dashboard.
  • Apply the steps needed to develop or strengthen a base of individual supporters through different communication channels.
  • Understand how relationships with funders are experienced and shape engagement leading to greater ability to have authentic conversations.
  • Create and monitor an action plan on financial resilience that integrates with strategic direction

The Design
In advance of the intensive, we will ask you about your organization’s financial resilience successes and challenges, information that we will use to customize the sessions. On site, you will work on five key results areas: Funding Landscape, Resource Development, Strategic Finance, Quality of Engagement and Leadership Practice. You will develop a customized plan with key actions for implementation. Post-intensive, your organization can access two coaching sessions with Spring Forward on topics of your choice and enjoy ongoing peer relationships with other participants in the program.

The facilitation team

The intensive is facilitated by Ellen Sprenger, Elizabeth Seja Min and Dale Needles. 

View their bios here.

Details of the 3-day Intensive

Number of participants: 20-30 people
Group composition: Executive Directors, Senior Staff and Board Members who lead in the areas of finance, resource mobilization and strategic communications. 
Date: Monday, October 23, Tuesday, October 24, Wednesday October 25
Duration: 9:00a.m. – 5:30p.m. each day
Workshop materials: Videos, articles and tools
Time-investment: three days, with some additional time spent in preparation and post-intensive coaching and implementation 
Tuition: $2500 USD.  And a 50% discount for a third person coming from the same organization.

Price includes workshop materials, lunch and morning and afternoon tea, coffee and snacks.
Participants are responsible for all other meals, accommodations and travel-related expenses.

The Lloyd Hotel and Cultural Embassy
Oostelijke Handelskade 34
Amsterdam 1019 BN
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Venue: The Lloyd Hotel & Cultural Embassy is the first 1-to-5 star design hotel in the world. It was created out of a curiosity to explore the cultural luggage of guests, a longing to make a connection between Dutch culture and theirs and a zest for making visitors feel welcome.

It is located at Oostelijke Handelskade 34 ·1019 BN · Amsterdam

Click here for more information about location and directions to get there.

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Will you join us?

$6,250.00 Team of three: Intensive Course Tuition
$2,500.00 Intensive Course Tuition

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